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Mount Teide Tenerife

Mount Teide Spain

Mount Teide is a volcano on Tenerife and reaches 3718 m above the sea. It’s the highest point in Spain and is also the 3rd highest volcano in the world if you measure it from the very bottom of the base on the seafloor to the very top.

Mount Teide Tenerife

Mount Teide Tenerife is still an active volcano with the most recent eruption as late as 1909. It’s open to debate how soon it will erupt again although it is currently dormant.

It’s easy to get to the top of Teide – you can drive close to the top and take a cable car to an area close to the summit. Here you can then walk around the volcano on a designated path and take in the stunning views. If you are feeling up to it, you can also apply for special permission to walk from the cable car station to the very top of the mountain where you can look down into the crater itself.

Mount Teide Volcano

It’s great fun going to the top of Teide during the winter. Of course tourists don’t realise how cold it will be and often turn up dressed in just shorts and T-shirts. Temperatures can vary between -5 to -10°C! Take that as a hint to be warmly dressed if you’re coming up here in the winter. Hat, gloves, scarf, warm jacket is what you need. Remember, just because it’s 25°C+ down on the coast it doesn’t mean that at 3,700 m height it can’t reach very cold temperatures. In fact, the Teide peak is often snow-covered during the winter.

Before you make your journey, check to ensure the cable car is running. Strong winds and adverse weather conditions prevent it from running. However, if you arrive and cannot use the cable car, the surroundings are wonderful and the souvenir shop and cafeteria will still be open.

We recommend you take a bike tour from the top of Teide all the way down the coast. The change in scenery as you make your descent is astounding. You’ll travel through pine forests and then descend all the way down to the banana plantations. Expect to encounter volcanic landscapes, picturesque villages and fantastic views.

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